Spyder Sisters Can am spyder accessories


We are Brenda and Cami. Yes, we're sisters and no, we're not twins. Those are usually the first and second questions we get asked when we're together and we are together a lot. More than a lot, really. More like all the time. We live in the same neighborhood, have the same breed of dog from the same litter and yes, we bought our Spyders together. Now everyone calls us the Spyder Sisters and we've willingly adopted the title.


In 2009 we were out on a ride with a group of friends when one of their bikes broke down (the bike was not a Spyder - how typical). As we waited for his bike to get repaired, Cami started searching for her lip balm in her trunk. Of course, it was absolutely no where in sight. She pulled all of her stuff out of her trunk searching for it, making an even bigger mess in the process. Eventually, she found it laying smack dab on the bottom. That's when she said, "It sure would be nice to have a place to keep this handy." Brenda took one look at the trunk lid and replied, "That's a bunch of wasted space. You think maybe we could make something that goes there?"

Well, few years and several prototypes later (more than we'd like to admit, really), we have a fabulous product! Our Spyder Pockets. 

But that just wasn't enough for us, we wanted to give Spyder ryders more!  Spyder Sisters now makes shirts, sun shades, hair accessories, tote bags and more!


"Spyder Sisters, You ladies are THE BEST !!! 
I just received my sun shade and it is perfect and fits great on my RT
What a great idea 
Both items that I have bought from you are just as I ordered and both had spot on descriptions" - Ron from Pekin, IL


"Well, Sun Shade is a couple of months old and I have to tell you, I LOVE IT MORE EVERYDAY!!!  This is a great product and really serves the purpose."  - Ron from Pekin, IL

Window Decal - Awesome decal. Good people to buy from. Will buy from again and again. Thanks

Spyder Pocket - Great item, excellent service. Thank you. 

Shirt - Nice quality shirt and great service. Plan to purchase more shirts....

Sun Shade - Beautifully made. Delivery fast and well packaged. will definitely buy again

Spyder Pocket - Great invention! I love it! Thank you spyder sisters!

CLASS A Seller.  Have bought from them a few times and always 1st class!!!!